Manufacturing Entertainment is the artist, curatorial and art production duo, Julie Gendron and Emma Hendrix. Focusing on art-making technologies, digital art communities, and working across genres and disciplines, they strive for meaningful collaborations and community building. Autonomous and forward-thinking, Manufacturing Entertainment thrives on new ways of operating, recombining art methodology and transforming status quo thinking.

Since 2005, Hendrix and Gendron have worked together supporting a multitude of artistic visions through workshops, curation, exhibition and supporting the development of community-led practices. They believe in creative communities and building capacity through collaboration and active participation.

They have done this work independently and as employees of art-based non-profits. Their productions range from gallery exhibitions, online exhibitions/events, new media festivals, large-scale outdoor projections and performances, digital strategy and education, and community-building digital art-based products.

In their artistic practice, they use multiple technologies and mediums, including video, sound, installation, analog/digital technologies, the internet and performance. Together they create audio-visual (A/V) performances, single-channel video, and interactive and immersive sound-based installations.